Dating vox guitars

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Click here, Restoring a vintage Höfner is possible and many people have achieved remarkable results from often battered old guitars.

However it can be a big project and you need to be patient, do research, talk to others and be prepared to modify parts if necessary.

The Shadow is a double cutaway solid body with six-on-a-side tuner headstock,with 3 single coil pickups, the hardware is chrome, it has a white pickguard, tremelo bar with a retangular cover over the bridge with the VOX logo on it. Four bolts without any plate hold the neck base to the plain body and a green decal above the pegs at top face of headstock reads: Shadow.

Tonto There are two different Vox Shadows (the Shadow made between 10 and the White Shadow made in the early to mid 80's). It has brass tuning pegs,gears and gear plates and the keys are white plastic. Along one of the tuning gear plates is the numbers: 35515 which are etched into the wood.

It has low action, two hum buckeyes and three controls plus other switches in the positions described in colour models. It has stamped on the back neck plate "made in japan" I can't seem to locate the serial number though. : I got a guitar from a friend, it is a Vox White Shadow electric guitar. I remember coming home from school every day for what seemed like weeks hoping it had arrived!

Lennon also played it in the promotional video for Hello, Goodbye but it is not in the final version of the video.

Lennon gave the guitar to Alex Mardas with a plaque on the back reading: "To Magic Alex/ Alexi thank you/ for been [sic] a friend/ 2-5-1967 John."It was built by Mike Bennett with electronics by Dick Denney of Vox guitars, and was briefly on public display in London earlier this month.

The instrument raised a hundred thousand dollars more than its pre-auction estimate, which was between 200,000 and 300,000 US dollars (£130,000-£200,000).

Harrison can be seen rehearsing with the guitar on I Am The Walrus during the Magical Mystery Tour of September 1967.

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