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As the title implied, people were falling in love all over the place. Now, even if you never watched the show, you've probably heard the theme song, one of the most well-known TV themes , and a favorite for fictional lounge acts.This was sung by Jack Jones and written by Paul Williams.I am a high maintenance sea captain who likes day spas.." OH, COME ON. So I picked up the phone and gave Sea Captain Date a call. "Many men with boats consider themselves 'Captains'.It's based in Santa Monica, and a young woman answered the phone. Likewise many woman consider themselves 'Captains',” he says.

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“Maybe it’s the fact that we are an island people and they [American women] don’t see us as being over ambitious or over smart. “These are sometimes very beautiful women and their criteria is that the man is Irish.Also in the video is Caleb's new love, Sarah Gordon, aka "Miss Taco81".A young blonde, Gordon says she likes this particular dating site because it's not like the others where "the guys are all losers." Her advice to other women, "Why settle for a boy with a car, when you can have a man with a boat? There's a hilarious music video for the "Sea Captain Date Song." Lyrics include, "There's a place to go to find the lady of your dreams, sail into the sunset, where no one hears her screams." Then there are the profiles of potential captains to date.Most look legitimate — though should you really admit up front that you have erectile dysfunction? Her answer, "Yes…we hope it will be like that." I gave her my number and sent some questions via email to learn more. "We are asked this a surprising amount these days." He admits that several people have posted fake profiles, which he is busy weeding through.One “captain” called Phil Collins Fan reveals, "My style of the week is sea captain goth... Atlas says they've had thousands of people apply, and he doesn't have the resources to filter out the fakes.

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