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By PKEMOI NG‘ENOH KENYA: A middle-aged man, in his desperate attempt to stage a one-man protest, stripped in Mlolongo town.This was after it dawned on him that a fake witchdoctor had conned him Sh25,000."For us the matatu reads are part of our culture," Mohan says."They're very light, easy reads and they connect on some level, people want to read them." Is Drumbeats Kenya's answer to Mills and Boon?Rosemary Ogutu after they were allegedly leaked through the social media platform Whats App.In the letter, the Commission said the Weekly Citizen contravened all ethical standards touching on privacy, gender discrimination, obscenity, taste, tone in reporting and use of pictures and names.(The names of all refugees in this story have been changed for their protection.) He says police took the three of them to jail, placing them in a cell with straight prisoners and announcing that “these are gay people—you don’t know what they will do.”The inmates immediately began questioning, then slapping, the gay Ugandans.

He, instead, grabbed him by the neck stopping him from accessing the building before a scuffle ensued between the two.The National Gender and Equality Commission has written to the Media Council of Kenya demanding action against the Weekly Citizen Newspaper for publishing nude pictures of a woman.On Monday Dec 5, the Newspaper published naked pictures purported to be of Siaya County nominated MCA Ms.The long protracted mid-morning drama left shocked onlookers wagging their tongues.The old man claimed he had enlisted the services of the witchdoctor to help him attract more customers to his shop in Nairobi city.

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