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We are the spectres, who haunt their lives, inspiring them with the dread that we will publish some unflattering or perhaps scandalous picture, taken without their knowledge.Many of the women stars live in terror of our casual and unflattering pictures, shot without adequate lighting equipment or in the harsh glare of flash bulbs.The only thing you can do with it is press the shutter button and snap a picture.

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He transferred £240 before refusing to send any more and called police.

There aren't many of us—only six who make Hollywood a regular beat—but we know the unwritten Hollywood law, which is rarely spoken outside of the picture community: we must not give them away to their adoring public.

Daily we see the cinema great at their worst; we cover them at play, happily quarreling in alcoholic bliss at private parties, regally losing their be-jewelled shirts at dice and roulette in the gambling casinos; and week-ending at such popular resorts Palm Springs, Lake Arrowhead and Malibu beach.

Censorship in Hollywood is not new to our little group of photographers whose job it is to snap the stars off duty.

We've been practicing the strictest sort of censorship for years—ever since a famous blonde actress smiled unwittingly into the lens of a camera from behind a barricade of whiskey bottles in a popular night club and threatened to sue when she saw the picture in print.

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