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Below, you can find 5 icebreakers to be done on the first day of class with adult or teenage classes, levels pre-intermediate and above.

Here, you can take a look at how to tweak some of these activities to make them truly communicative and student-centred.

This exercise engages everyone and encourages positive attitudes. Have people pair up with someone they don’t know, then find a non-work or non-workshop connection with the person. What has worked for me is to give each participant a slip of paper with information on it that is relevant to the topic or participants in general.

They have to find the corresponding participant with the same information, introduce themselves, and talk briefly about what the information means to them.

/ the most interesting presentation you remember / the most successful piece of writing you’ve done etc.).

We had a stand there and met lots of interesting training and development managers.Ask participants to bring their chairs into a circle and simply hand out a blank postcard to each person.Ask each person to write down 5 adjectives that describe themselves; 3 should be strengths and 2 should be perceived weaknesses.Divide participants into groups of three or four and ask them to think about a peak experience of whatever the topic is (e.g.the best meeting you ever attended – or if that’s too hard, how about a reasonably successful meeting in the last month?

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