Sterling knight dating

, the Disney Channel movie that essentially documented every fangirl's dream of meeting a superstar by chance and having them fall in love with you?

held at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Tuesday night (July 19) in Hollywood. “Oh by the way, I added one more song to #OVERNIGHT!

Not only this but a potential Sterling Knight girlfriend should like him, because he can sing thus he is not planning to release any albums any time soon because as he notes himself he prefers listening to music and not singing and even though he should be perfect at karaoke evenings, he states that he always fails because he tries to sing AC/DC songs and he sounds terrible so he must really choose something else if he wants to win one and a while.

Thus it looks like when it comes to singing he is afraid to get on the stage and sing so maybe when he finds Sterling Knight girlfriend she is going to help him overcome this thing.

He dated Maddie Cyrus, a musician from 2007 to 2008.

After that, he was in a relationship with Jessica Bridgeman from 2009 to 2010. He has a brother named Spencer Knight and a sister named Samantha Scarlett Knight.

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