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In more recent years I've returned there many times, but I've come to know it well as a place to pass through rather than to visit.I'd finished last month's copy of Nexus by the time the coach arrived in , so I left it on my seat in case anybody else wanted to read it and learn something.

He is well-travelled and although he is English he writes in a transatlantic language; he uses words like "freeway" and he calls .

It is every day more frequent that female homosexual couples want to start a family and that they can only get through assisted reproductive techniques as ivf.

At IMED Hospitals, we offer these women, not only the possibility of using a male donor to get pregnant, but the option of the reception of ovules of one’s partner.

I've stayed there twice, once when I was an active young trade unionist at my hospital; I went with a lobby group to the Labour Party conference in 199-something.

I also spent a weekend there in 1992 with a woman I should never have gone near, except she ended up being the mother of my daughter so it's a good job I did.

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