Zune not updating plays

Upon completing this process, your computer should recognize your Zune, and all of its functions will be fully operational again.Thomas Mc Nish has been writing since 2005, contributing to and other online publications.

You can’t set specific playlists to sync automatically as they’re changed nor can you even create playlists that automatically alter their content as your media library changes. What’s worse is the desktop Windows Phone 8 app doesn’t cache your library, so every time you launch it, it has to re-scan your entire library for 15 minutes or so before you can do anything. That’s right, the old stalwart for auto-syncing music and videos to ancient Windows Mobile devices between 2003-2009 works beautifully with Windows Phone 8. You’ll get to choose a name for the device and go through some set up options to create a partnership.(MSNBC is a Microsoft – NBC joint venture.) If you compare Microsoft’s new Zune device to any of the current models from Creative, Toshiba, Archos or Apple you will find differences.Some are smaller, some are sleeker, and some can handle audio or video differently.But the thing to remember is that all of the others have had a head start. It makes sense that they're all more evolved than the first-generation Zune.Yet, the Zune does have a lot of things going for it. Think first-generation i Pod with a 30GB hard drive inside. Zune’s interfaces (the controls you use) are very well thought out. And the most important thing – the Zune seems to work as advertised.

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